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Click here to see what a Jingle Experience is like: 

You guys are awesome!  This was the best thing ever!

      - Cara H.

I thought Matthew was going to cry happy tears when Santa pulled out his letter!

           - Jessica T.

                          What is a Jingle Experience?


What we have created is a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus you'll never forget! It is a complete EXPERIENCE!

It begins with your child writing a letter to Santa. On your reserved PRIVATE time slot, the letter will be taken out of Santa's mailbox and read with your child right there!


Your Experience is a 20-minute period of time where you can use your own cameras to capture your moments with Santa. Our Elf (Ella Louise Finnigan), or Mrs. Claus can take photos for you! You can take all the photos and videos, that you wish to share with your family and friends.


Your child can then join Mrs. Claus at the craft table to make a special holiday ornament or craft to take home to place on your tree. There is never a rush. Your time is your time.


When your time is up, the entire facility is cleaned and sanitized. Every evening, a hospital grade sanitizing light is turned on to eliminate all lingering viruses and infections.


Every encounter is by RESERVATION ONLY.  We do not allow walk ups! 

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, call Pretty Darn Amazing Productions at 806-782-5896 and reserve your time slot.

You all are the blessing . . . tonight is a night none of us will ever forget and we hope we get to do this again!

            - Jennifer B.

Click here to see an episode of Trends & Friends about the Jingle Experience:
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